Chia Seeds Are Great

Cha Cha Cha Chia! We all know that catchy jingle on those commercials for the Chia Pets. Personally, I think the catchy jingle keeps us buying them!  I mean, with everything else we have now in this post modern world, they aren’t that impressive guys. Anyway,  I don’t think we ever knew the true value of Chia Seeds, probably because we always thought chia was a plant. However, Chia seeds have become increasingly popoulart in today’s market, becuase they are one of very few things that actually work when it comes to diet!


Chia Seeds are incredibly filling, which helps curve your appetite. They take so long to break down (because of a gel complex, very confusing science things, you know the rest) that they supress your appetite for up to hours. They’re great for putting in your salad, on your meals, anything really! Additionally, they provide up to eleven percent of the daily fiber you need in your body (11% of fiber is about what most American’s get on a regular day, so this can double your fiber intake).

Another great part about Chia seeds is their ability to help keep your blood sugar even. As person who is constantly suffering with blood pressure woahs, I think this is great!  We don’t really have a lot of alternatives for blood pressure right now. But the truth is, chia seeds help stabilize blood pressure, making them a great mid day snack! When you are tired at work and there’s still two hours left, that’s the perfect time to eat them. They can help keep you energized for hours, making them a much better alternative that loads of caffine, and a temporary sugar fix that usually only ends up lasting an hour anyway.

So, if you’re looking for a diet alternativethat won’t break the bank, and you’re finding that you are in desparate need of some energy, then this is the seed for you! Both Vitamin World and Vitamin Shoppe sell Chia seeds and there are always some coupons at Defnitive Deals and CouponChad. If Vitamin World is your preference, check out these deals. If you would rather go to Vitamin Shoppe, here’s some more coupons! Happy living and happy saving!