Just the thought of spending any more than three hours on a public bus full of strangers probably doesn’t seem too enticing. For the fact that you can score tickets for as low as $1 for any sum 70 cities nationwide might grab your attention now. Megabus is the first low-cost express bus to expand to Canada and even the United Kingdom. With it’s ever growing popularity, tickets are still dirt cheap. It’s quickly becoming the go to way to travel across the nation.

I personally use Megabus when I travel to Chicago for school and whenever I come back to my hometown of Indianapolis. I’ve never had a problem using Megabus and the only biggest complaint is crying children. I mean, I really can’t argue this point because the cost is outrageously inexpensive. Megabus does have it’s amenities such as Internet (which they don’t guarantee to work at all times), clean restroom, reclining seats and it’s very own Megabuss app that tracks your bus.

My advice? Get on the top level, if you have a double decker bus, for a relaxing scenic view to wherever your travels may take you. Also, don’t rely on bringing your laptop to use the internet. Although I’ve only had problems with this maybe once or twice, it could happen to you. Bring your music where you can listen on headphones. Make a killer playlist and time it out so by the time it’s over you’ll arrive at your destination.

Still afraid of traveling via somewhat pubic transportation? Let me remind you that the people who use Megabus are most likely buisines men and women traveling and students who are trying to get a home cooked meal on the weekend. It’s safe, reliable and more importantly, much, much cheaper than traveling via airplane, car or train.

Next time, book ahead with Megabus and save.

Jenny B. Adkins