The Lunch Debate

Sometimes work is boring and one of the few things that will make it better is getting out of the workplace to grab a satisfying lunch with some co-workers. You may want your local hamburger with some fries and a refreshing soda to get you through the rest of the day, or get a pizza with your favorite toppings to share with the group. However, you could be saving money and eating healthier at the same time instead of eating out for lunch more often than you should. Below are five healthy lunches that taste good and will save you money in the meantime:

sandwich, lunch, healthy, meat, weekday, work 1. Keep It Basic

A sandwich is a person’s best friend. It has always been around and always will be. What you put on your sandwich is your choice, but most things one would put on a sandwich will be healthy. A typical lunch sandwich would include some form of lunchmeat, varying from ham, turkey, roast beef or chicken. Popular toppings could be lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, pickles, jalapenos, mayonnaise and mustard. Any combination of meat with toppings makes for a healthy afternoon meal.

2. Healthiest Decision

Again, salad is another popular choice for lunch. Obviously, it includes lettuce and more often than not, carrots, croutons, cheese and dressing. Additional ingredients in a salad could be onions, tomatoes, bacon bits, chicken, cucumbers and yellow peppers. As with a sandwich, most, if not all, salads are very healthy.

3. Tasty & Fillingsoup, lunch, healthy, chicken noodle, work, weekday

Soups can be hit or miss, but usually are a fan favorite. They are always filling because majority of soup is liquid. The ingredients of a given soup is what makes the soup taste good. Chicken noodle, vegetable beef, cheddar broccoli, and tomato soup are easy and can be heated up in the microwave at the office.

4. Two-Meal Deal

Leftovers are one of the best lunches you could ask for. Ideally, you’d like to have something that you can toss in the microwave

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for a couple minutes to reheat. A couple examples of a great lunch from leftovers are chicken fingers with asparagus and spaghetti with meat sauce. The chicken and asparagus combination offers protein and a portion of greens, while spaghetti and meat sauce is a good source for carbohydrates and protein, with little calories.

5. A Nice Alternative

Bagels can be used in a couple different ways. A bagel with just cream cheese is basic and tasty. It is also possible to make a bagel sandwich using any of the toppings you would on a normal sandwich. Another possibility is a cheese bagel, and adding a little mozzarella sauce can turn it into a pizza bagel. The bagel idea can be experimented with over time.

Will Rettig