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June 24, 2013

Save Money on Music – Apps and Tips You Should Know About

  • Save Money on Music – Apps and Tips You Should Know About

We’re big fans of music here at LiveBetterCheaper, but one thing we love more than that is being able to enjoy it for less. That’s why today, we’re going to share with you some of our favorite apps and tips to keep you groovin’ for less.

May 8, 2013

5 Free Apps That Can Save You Money

  • 5 Free Apps That Can Save You Money

You take your phone everywhere, and let’s face it— it’s difficult to imagine life without it. So, be sure you’re taking advantage of all of the benefits of owning a smartphone. Check out these 5 apps that you may not be using that can save you money.


Check in Apps – Foursquare and Yelp are all the rage for reviews and checking in, but did you know that you can actually score free food and discounts by using these apps? Some restaurants offer Foursquare and Yelp specials and others just give out a free beverage or appetizer. This fad isn’t just limited to food either. Create an account today to see what all the hype is about.


Barcode Scanners – Apps like RedLaser allow users to scan any item, anywhere, to see if they can find it cheaper at another store. You can even use this app to order the item you’re looking at online and have it delivered to your home or schedule an in-store pickup. This app also offers user reviews and other fun features.


Redeemia – Looking for a good deal on a restaurant or day spa? Redeemia searches through discount sites like Groupon, Living Social, Wowcher, and other comparable deal sites until it finds you the best closely related deal. You won’t ever skip over a hot discount if you utilize Redeemia’s database.


Low Gas Prices – Apps such as GasBuddy allow users to search their nearby area for the cheapest gas prices, saving them much-needed dollars when filling up their tanks. Best of all, this app enters users who report updated gas prices into a weekly drawing for $250.


Travel Destinations – If you’re on a road trip or get caught in a storm, apps like Kayak can have you hundreds on hotel rooms by showing you the best deals around. This app is also great for scoring cheap flights, booking last minute rooms, and has many perks such as currency conversion and car rental information.


Isn’t it time you took full control over the technological benefits of your phone? What are your favorite free apps? Will you be downloading any of these? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

March 25, 2013

Spring Break: Top 5 Destinations on a Budget

  • Spring Break: Top 5 Destinations on a Budget

Spring break is the time when people want to go to the best places irrespective of how expensive the trip might end up being in the end. But who wouldn’t want to spend less money and not exceed the budget?

Here are some top destinations for Spring break where you can not only have the time of your life but also save money while doing so-

Jamaica: Home to so many music festivals, if you are looking to drink and party, this is the place for you. It is also an amazing place to go if you want to enjoy a variety of beaches. And if you are looking for adventure, well you could climb the 700-foot cascading waterfalls of duns River Falls. The best part about going to Caribbean and Mexico though is definitely the fact that ‘APPLE VACATIONS’ could give you 3 all-inclusive nights starting at $581.

Cancun: Yes, that amazing deal mentioned above would make your trip to Mexico totally worth it. After all, it is surrounded on three sides by lagoon, bay and sea. Again, if you are seeking adventure, Cancun is naturally situated in subtropical jungle perfect for exploration so you could just hop on a jet ski or charter a boat for some deep-sea fishing and spend a leisurely day at sea. Besides, I am sure everybody has heard college students talk about going to Cancun for Spring break. It’s just THAT great!

The Big Island, Hawaii: Hawaii super sale on ‘APPLE VACATIONS’ has a brilliant offer of 3 nights starting at $752. So if you want to enjoy the dazzling lava show of Hawaii’s volcano to the island’s flowing waterfalls and lose yourself amidst nature’s true wonders, you should definitely choose to travel to The Big Island.

Panama: Another brilliant place to spend the vacation is Panama. It offers a variety of world-class attractions. So if you don’t feel up for going to Caribbean, you can still find similar types of beaches at this place. It is also a top destination for adventurists, eco-tourists history buffs, beach lovers, families and romantics.

San Jose: Okay enough with the beaches! If you’re looking to go to one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Central America, San Jose won’t be a disappointment. It is such a diverse vacation experience that you are guaranteed to not regret it. You could use the ‘Enjoy the Life of Luxury on an All-Inclusive Luxury Vacation’ deal and make the most on whatever trip you decide to go to.

Don’t hesitate to create a memorable Spring break or even celebrate a romantic occasion and check out our coupon site to save  with Apple Vacations!

February 25, 2013

Cookie Decorating Ideas for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day & More

  • Cookie Decorating Ideas for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day & More

Are you picky while deciding a flavor when it comes to buying yourself a cookie? Because the good news is that you can now not only pick amongst eight different flavors but also satisfy your pickiness by getting yourself or your loved ones a cookie cake that looks exactly how you want it to look. Hence, there is no need for you to compromise now on ready-made cookies that fail to accommodate your personal taste.

Besides what would be a better opportunity to lighten up your day with personalized cookies than on Easter? Using Mrs. Fields will enable you to do all of this while saving money on your orders and also by giving you 15 per cent off any order. How great is that? But the best part about Mrs. Fields is that it won’t only personalize cookies for you but you could also use it to personalize a platter.

Won’t it just be awesome to surprise your kid on Easter with his cutest photo on the platter that comes with his favorite cookie flavor? You could also order a personalized cookie tin that you could continue using even after Easter is over. They even come in different sizes so you’d be free to buy the one that fits perfectly with your needs.

But some things are to be enjoyed in the moment even if they don’t last.

These personalized cookies are so special since its not everyday that you get to pick every single thing about them according to your own choice. Let’s do a step-by-step creation of a cookie cake on Mrs. Fields.

Would you like a round or a heart shaped decorated cookie? Well, that primarily depends on the person that you are planning on surprising it with. If it’s for your husband/boyfriend then it might be a good idea to go with the heart shape.

Do you like peanut butter or chocolate? Well, you could choose from eight different types of flavors.

What’s your favorite color? Yes, you can make sure to ask Mrs. Fields to personalize the cookie frosting as well.

Coming to the best part about cookie personalization- What would you want your personal message to be?

Isn’t it just great to have all of this personalization especially if you are a real cookie fan? Go ahead and make your Easter more special than the previous years and a lot cheaper as well!

You can find many deals for Mrs. Fields at our coupon site CouponChad.com!

Happy Easter.

February 7, 2013

Unique Gifts for Guys Under $50

  • Unique Gifts for Guys Under $50

Picking out a gift for someone special can be a gruesome, overwhelming task. I find it particularly difficult to choose unique gifts for guys. Whether you’re shopping for a dad, brother, nephew, son, boyfriend, or husband, here are some great, unique gifts for guys that can really help you out.

Music Lovers

gifts for guys music lovers

Sure, you can buy cds and vinyl, but spice up your gift this year with something extra special. Check out Robert Dimery’s book, “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” for inspiration. You can buy your guy this book, as well as some albums he doesn’t already own to go along with it. These Vinyl Record Coasters are a great complimentary present. This Ticket Stub Diary is a great way for your guy to store his old ticket stubs and memories (it also is a great way to surprise him with tickets to his favorite show).

Beer Lovers

gifts for guys beer lovers

Forget sentimental cards and boring sweaters. Get the guy in your life something unique that he’ll really love. Beer on the Wall has some great gift ideas for beer lovers. You can buy your guy a membership to Beer of the Month Club. A two month membership is under $45. Each monthly shipment will include up to 4 different beer styles with 3 bottles of each. If you don’t want to go the membership route, you can also order different microbrews online here and check out neat gift basket ideas for beer lovers.

Sports Lovers

gifts for guys sports lovers

Maybe you’ve scored tickets to your guy’s favorite game. What better way to spice up the gift than with a year’s subscription to Sports Illustrated? What’s great about this gift is that he has something to look forward to each month. Try gifts like Vintage Football Wall Art, the Golf Lovers BBQ Set, or a Sports Illustrated Baseball Book for more inspiration.

Gifts for Guys Who Haven’t Quite Grown Up

gifts for guys perpetual kid

If your guy is very much into retro trends and still thinks of himself as a kid, there are some great gifts to be found at Perpetual Kid. You can find Star Wars memorabilia, nostalgic toys and games, as well as nifty inexpensive gifts that are perfect as stocking stuffers. What’s great about Perpetual Kid is that they make it easy to sort by price range and other various categories.

Use these gifts for guys to help you shop for the guy in your life and save even more with these discounts. Have you stumbled upon a great website with gifts for guys? Do you have a great gift you’ve given in the past that went over well? Share your tips below!

January 3, 2013

Cut Cell Phone Costs – 5 Simple Tips

  • Cut Cell Phone Costs – 5 Simple Tips

You’re unlikely to find anyone in today’s world without a smartphone. These handy devices practically run our lives. But, they can be pretty costly. There are still ways to save money on your cell phone costs without giving up the perks that you love. It’s unrealistic to think of downgrading to a simpler phone or tossing out data plans. Instead, check out these tips on how to save money on cell phone costs.

Don’t Buy Insurance

cell phone costs insurance

I’m notorious for losing everything and have several phones I’ve simply never found. If you’re prone to losing, breaking, or ruining items, insurance may seem like a great deal. The problem is, while it may be a few dollars to ten dollars extra month, by the time you’re ready to upgrade you’ve practically paid for a new phone. If you do lose your phone, it’s very difficult to have it replaced. Cut cell phone costs by opting out of insurance. Check out this great article on why cell phone insurance is little more than a scam for your money.

Switch Providers and Cut Cell Phone Costs

cut cell phone costs switch providers

If you spend all of your time talking to one person, or a select group, maybe it’s time to switch your plan. If you have Verizon and you’re spending 300 minutes monthly talking to your sister who has AT&T, switch to her provider. Most cell phone providers offer unlimited calls to people on their service. You’ll be able to reduce the minutes on your plan this way.

Analyze Your Bill

cell phone costs plans

I thought I needed unlimited data, but when I analyzed my bill, I realized how little I truly use. If you constantly notice that you’re not using what you’re paying for, cut back and downgrade your plan. Don’t pay for 600 minutes a month if there is a cheaper plan and you consistently use under 200. Save on cell phone costs by understanding what you really need to pay for.

Find Free Apps

cell phone costs free apps

Don’t pay for apps you can get for free. I’ve never spent a penny on a cell phone app, and I don’t feel left out of anything. My phone now allows me to create ringtones for free, but before that, I used Myxer. You can find pretty much any paid cell phone extra for free if you take the time to search.

Buy Phones Online

cell phone costs online

If you do need a temporary phone or just want a new one, don’t do to your phone provider. Search ebay or amazon for tons of unlocked phones and great deals. I severely damaged my phone a few months into my new contract, but I found an even better option on Ebay for $40. Also, buy accessories on Amazon instead of in store.

How do you cut cell phone costs each month? Share your own stories below and let us know what you think of these tips.