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July 31, 2012

Stress Relief- Cheap and Easy!

  • Stress Relief- Cheap and Easy!

Stress Stresses Us Out. english essay writing service I even hate the word. But I hate its effects even more. Trust me, I am the king of having stress. Whethere I am at work, getting ready to finish a huge paper, or even just running late for something, I stress hard. My doctor tried to put me on some of that prescription anxiety medicine, but at the end of the day, I just end up feeling like a zombie. That does not work for me. So instead, I incorporating some easy relievers in my life that are sure to relax you also Get Healthy Didn’t you already know this was going to be the first one? Healthy food really does help relieve us of our stress, however. Especially for you caffeine junkies. Just by cutting out the caffeine you are going to feel better. This awful stimulant triggers our nervous system, and when we’re super hyped on this sugary substance, we are more likely to be anxious. Drinking water gives us more energy, and will leave us feeling better at the end of the day. Get Artsy No, I don’t mean go listen to poetry at the local coffee shop or sit around and talk about how awesome you are. I mean break out the crayons and color a picture! Coloring is [...]

July 30, 2012

‘Veer’ here for your creative spark

  • ‘Veer’ here for your creative spark

Creativity: it drives us, allows us to do what we do and ultimately, it also comes back to bite us when inspiration runs dry. It’s no secret.  It happens all the time, whether it’s a musician trying to find the perfect ending to a song, a painter who is just on the verge of completing their masterpiece to even a writer struggling to find content for a multitude of blogs. Thankfully, this is not a road you have to travel alone.  There are places out there to seek help for a creative slump, and it’s as simple as a slight keystroke. For those who need to help fuel their creative process, try Veer, a convenient, one-stop destination where people can find photos and fonts for their projects. Millions of pictures and thousands of fonts are at your disposal to help get you where you need to be.  Need something for your ad campaign poster, your website, a presentation or even just an avatar, Veer is the place for you.  Need an example?  One day, there was a contest held by a local music promoter to help design an album cover.  It sounded like something I really wanted to get into.  [...]

July 27, 2012

Cardstore iPhone App: Cards At You’re Fingertips

  • Cardstore iPhone App: Cards At You’re Fingertips

This one today is for all the card lovers out there. We know physical greeting cards are starting to fall off a bit because of e-Cards, but Cardstore has found a way to utilize new technology while still providing the physical cards we all know and love. The Cardstore iPhone App is FREE to download and it has made it incredibly easy to send greeting cards to whomever you wish with only a few clicks of your fingers. The app easily allows you to choose from hundreds of cards and have them sent right from your iPhone. To start, you decide which card you like and add your personal touches to it. You can insert a personalized message, attach pictures, and even sign the card across the screen of your phone with your finger! Cardstore then handles all the not-so-fun stuff about sending greeting cards. They print your card for you, provide it with a stamp and envelope and then send it off for you in the mail. All their cards are only $2.99!! Another great feature of the Cardstore app is that it helps connect with your Facebook account to remind you when your friend’s birthdays are. With this feature, you’ll never send [...]

July 26, 2012

Tweet for tracks: Amazon MP3 and IMDB offering free music

  • Tweet for tracks: Amazon MP3 and IMDB offering free music

Free music downloads?  Through Amazon?  All I have to do is post a tweet? That’s right. It’s no secret that we love free stuff.  There’s a reason we clamor over those sample at the grocery store or even risk life and limb trying to get a T-shirt launched into the crowd at a sporting event.  Sure, there’s usually a catch, but free stuff doesn’t come around everyday. And it’s not just supermarkets or basketball teams giving things away.  This also includes a major online retailer. From now until July 27 at 11:59 p.m., Amazon and IMDB are offering a $2 credit for the Amazon MP3 store.  What does this mean?  Basically, that for something as simple as posting a Tweet via Amazon, you can get $2 to spend however you want through their millions of song titles. Sounds good, right?  Here’s what it entails: 1. Connect your Amazon.com and Twitter accounts. (If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so). A window will pop up when you connect your Amazon.com and Twitter accounts for the first time. The window will provide some information about the permissions you’re giving Amazon.com. Although these permissions allow us to [...]

July 25, 2012

Coupons Save Dollars

  • Coupons Save Dollars

Not long ago I wrote to you all about utilizing your shopper’s savings cards, or tags if that be the case. Some stores and other public places use full-size cards, while most places have a keychain-sized savings card. Nonetheless, that was my take on a great way to put some cash back in your pocket. In the midst of my writing at that point, I must not have thought about such a simple idea of using coupons on your shopping adventures. If the thought did cross my mind, I probably had some reason not to include it in that article, hence why I bring it to you now. For quite some time now, coupons have been the shopper’s delight. Going to the grocery? Coupons. Spending a day at an amusement park? Coupons. Need new clothes? Coupons. Two-for-one; buy two and get the third one free; after ten haircuts, receive a free haircut on us! You name it, coupons are everywhere and we love them. My mother spends thirty minutes, give or take a few, cutting coupons out of the local advertisements for her grocery shopping and other shopping that pleases her. They’re in the newspaper, on the internet, blowing around [...]

July 24, 2012

Portable Savings During Temperature Changes

  • Portable Savings During Temperature Changes

We are all aware of the current drought that has plagued much of the United States for a large duration of the summer of 2012. Long, hot and humid days paralleled with lack of rain make for an exhausting experience. Meteorologists are predicting the drought is not coming to an end anytime soon, with temperatures reaching into the 90s for the remainder of July. With a drought in full effect and heat being so unbearable, air conditioning becomes more of a luxury. However, it can be expensive to keep an entire home or apartment cool, especially when the temperatures reach the upper 90s and lower 100s because it becomes more difficult to get cooler air flowing. When you feel that your home is not cool enough, you want to turn the air conditioning up even more to get cooler air, thus raising the price of your heating & air conditioning bill for that month(s). Instead of taking that route, try using a portable air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are a great way to save on your monthly bill and keep large areas of spaces cooled the way you want them. They can be bought at hardware stores such as Lowe’s [...]